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Flexo Printing Machine

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  • OPP Flexo Printing Machinery

    OPP Flexo Printing Machinery

    With another saying of “Aniline Printing Press”, Flexographic Anastatic Printing Machine adopts photopolymer relief plate as its printing plate. It applies to print on the PE & PP olastic woven sacks, the cellophane and the web, etc. It is six printing colors composing...Read More
  • Flexographic Printing Machine

    Flexographic Printing Machine

    The material-feeding and material-gathering mechanisms have the tension regulation devices. Each of the six printing colors has opposite-flower device with lateral regulation and 360°continuously adjustable and longitudinal opposite-flower device. The blast drying system and...Read More
  • Flexo Printing Machinery

    Flexo Printing Machinery

    All electric operating devices are concentrated installed in the control box beside the material-gathering rack, which operates conveniently, safely and reliably safe and reliable as well. There’re reset and stop buttons fixed on the pedestal of the six-color printing plate...Read More
  • Paper Flexo Printing Machinery

    Paper Flexo Printing Machinery

    Operating conveniently, starting up mildly and registering color precisely; 2.The counter can be set for the printing quantity according to the demands. It also can automatically stop when the material is cut off or it has reached the number. 3.The printing plate roller is...Read More
  • Paper Flexographic Pinter

    Paper Flexographic Pinter

    Paper Flexographic PinterRead More
  • Paper Flexo Printing Machine

    Paper Flexo Printing Machine

    paper flexo printing machineRead More
  • Paper Flexo Press

    Paper Flexo Press

    Paper Flexo PressRead More
  • Roll Paper Flexible Press

    Roll Paper Flexible Press

    Before delivering, the machines must be strictly checked up and adjusted and can do the object printing according to the demand of the customers. After they’re all eligible, they can be delivered. When the customers open the box, they shall check the spare parts, the tools...Read More
  • Reel Paper Flexo Press

    Reel Paper Flexo Press

    The machine must be put on the flat cement ground or the firm floor. Then adjust the four lateral regulation bolts, check the lateral and longitudinal levels and tighten the screws.Read More
  • Reel Paper Flexible Printer

    Reel Paper Flexible Printer

    Before the trial run, eliminate the antirust oil and operate the machine manually. If there’s no abnormal noise and it runs flexibly, it can be switched on for the trial run. At this time, check whether the rotational directions of every motor and the fans are correct or not....Read More
  • Reel Paper Flexible Printing Machine

    Reel Paper Flexible Printing Machine

    Start up the main motor. At the beginning, the speed should be slow. Pay attention to the pressure wheel to see if it is pressed out. Check the first color to see if the printing picture is clear; check the second color and adjust the lateral and longitudinal opposite-flower...Read More
  • Roll Paper Printing Machine

    Roll Paper Printing Machine

    The counter is used to calculate the numbers of the printed bags. Please preset the printing quantity so as to stop automatically after finishing printing. When the coiled material is finished printing or is broken, it can stop automatically. (While starting up the machine,...Read More
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