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Brief introduction of Flexographic printing machine process
Aug 17, 2018

1. Imaging: Through the laser image information will be placed on the CDI on the media transfer to the plate.

2. Main exhibitions: Traditional exhibition machine for the main exhibition, CDI removal of laser imaging after the career; and the traditional Seihan technology, direct digital printing plate technology is complete, but also need to rinse, dry, paste, after exposure. Because the digital version in the layer of the photosensitive resin composition layer has the complete shading performance of the black material pair and the other conventional flexo version, the output of the digital version used separately is small. can be clearer graphics and smaller opportunities. CDI is an external cylindrical container that engages infrared laser output into the black surface layer. For computer control, use CDI to create laser exposure conditions, and to melt the black layer to expose the photoresist without affecting the following light-induced corrosion inhibitor layer.