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Flexo Printing machine Four point requirements
Aug 17, 2018

1, screen no matter what kind of material you have to confirm before selecting the screen version of the requirements, these requirements include: Ink and other need to use chemical corrosion resistant materials, mechanical action, such as electricity, screen solutions at the edge of the bridge, resolution 

2, resistance to chemical corrosion is able to use different inks and clean chemical substances.

According to the web version of the system and its chemistry, each system has a certain chemical resistance and chemical resistance of different products have different degrees, according to the chemical composition of the product decision. 

3, through the selection of suitable raw materials, balance the hardness and elasticity of the material, you can achieve the network version of mechanical resistance. The influencing factors of mechanical resistance are: screen tension and mechanical strength. The mechanical strength can contain the number of printing. The maximum tension must be correct. 

4, Edge sharpness: high quality photographic plasma particles are small and smooth. The quality is a bit poor online graphics edge is not smooth, the edge can not clearly reveal the reason: excessive exposure or exposure. Screen bad image force will affect ink penetration and resolution, the images do not display completely.