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Flexo Printing presses technology good effect will be better!
Aug 17, 2018

1.Flexo Printing press screen requirements: Regardless of what is printed, you need to choose what type of screen to confirm the requirements, such as: mechanical effect, the use of ink resistance and other chemical resolution, baking edge resolution

2. Chemical resistance is the basis of the use of different inks and clean chemicals. According to the screen system and unique chemical properties, each system has a different degree of chemical resistance, depending on the chemical composition of the product, its decision to different products, with a certain degree of chemical resistance.

3. By selecting the right raw material, you can achieve the kinetic index, balance the hardness and flexibility of the material. The factors that affect resistance to mechanical factors are as follows. Line tension and mechanical strength. The mechanical strength can include the number of times printed. For maximum power, it will work properly. 

4. Sharpness of edges: small particles with high quality photosensitive pulp. Excessive exposure and exposure: screen quality, the edge can not show clear reasons, small edge graphics are not smooth. Resolution panel penetration and affect the resolution screen in the ink is not good, but the image can not be fully displayed. Edge transparency can be observed using 50x60 magnification.

5. Resolution: Good resolution (you can display the screen version of the original line, due to the precise thickness of the screen, so that the network version of the material requirements are very high, excessive exposure, and other causes of the quality, the same resolution by the impact of particle size, edge and screen clarity will form photosensitive materials. 

6. The bridging nature of photosensitive material: good screen system of photosensitive material, straight line. Printed Matter with low crosslinking properties is curved or jagged. The bridge's photographic material can be seen 50 times or 60 using a magnifying glass.