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Hot air Energy saving technology of paper gravure printing press
Aug 17, 2018

1, heat pump heating technology. Heat pump energy efficiency is far higher than electric heating, the current paper gravure printing machine equipment used in the heat pump is generally air energy heat pump, the actual test can be energy-saving 60%~70%. 

2, heat pipe technology. Heat pipe technology in the hot air system in operation, the hot air into the oven, through the outlet, out of the tuyere at the configuration of a secondary air return device, part of the wind to participate in the two heat cycle direct use of the other part of the wind as a safe exhaust ventilation system. As a safe exhaust air, heat pipe heat exchanger is used to recycle the waste heat efficiently. 

3, with Lel control of the automatic hot air circulation system. The use of fully automatic hot-air circulation system with LEL control can achieve the following effects: Under the premise of meeting the minimum explosion limit of lel and the residue solvent, the maximum of two times return to use, can save about 45%, exhaust emission reduction 30%~50%. The exhaust air volume correspondingly reduces, for the future Ban platoon, may reduce the 30%~40% tail gas processing investment greatly.