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What are the notes for flexographic printing presses?
Aug 17, 2018

Flexo Printing presses drying device is divided into two levels: the first level of colors, that is, before the next printing unit, so as to completely dry before the color layer, the other is the final drying, that is, in a variety of ink printing finish, in order to eliminate the solvent ink layer to avoid the failure of the cause is when the rewinding or stack. Keep the drying system clean. Foreign practice has proved that the use of UV flexo printing ink flexo printing process strict working environment. If the working conditions are poor, the special work space plot is very low, which is a good drying equipment drying will not get satisfactory results. Replace the ultraviolet lamp in time. The service life of flexographic printing presses shall be in accordance with the nominal life of the manufacturer as specified by the ultraviolet lamp. When exceeding the rated life of 1000-2000 hours, even if the lamp shines, should also replace the pipe, because the UV UV lamp launch capacity is far from enough to meet the requirements. Mirrors reflect the light equipment must be kept clean, should be highly polished to improve the ability to think. Therefore, keeping the mirror clean is a prerequisite for ensuring reflection.