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What laws should be followed for printing ink on paper gravure presses
Aug 17, 2018

1, text and illustrations of the printing plate cylinder deep and shallow, determine the amount of ink to print the size. is the text of the printing plate cylinder and mode for a deeper printing ink, a lot of light, rather than text and patterns, printing inks on a little. 

2, embossing roller material hardness and embossing roller pressure and the size of printing ink volume. Embossing drum material soft, the number of inks, rather than hard stamping drum materials, a small amount of ink printing. Pressure printing drum pressure, ink in the number of printing, rather than embossing drum pressure is very small, ink in the number of printing. 

3, ink viscosity affects the printing of ink. A large number of ink viscosity, ink printing, while the viscosity of small, ink in the number of printing. 

4, printing speed and slow, ink print the impact of the number. Printing speed, printing a large number of inks, printing speed is very slow, ink in the number of printing is relatively small. Printing plate cylinder is the determining factor of the size of printing ink. Ink viscosity is the main factor affecting the ink printing quantity, but also affect the printing speed of the important factors. Ink viscosity size measurement and know that ink is rare through the senses.