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  • Roll to Roll Laminating Machine

    Roll to Roll Laminating Machine

    Time-saving and efficient: saves manual stacking time and can increase machine speed by 100% compared to the original single sheet process. Low waste rate: Reduce excess paper due to single slitting and loss due to paper thickness.Read More
  • Roll Paper Laminating Machine

    Roll Paper Laminating Machine

    Energy saving: heating wheel heating adopts electromagnetic heating, low heat energy loss, high utilization rate and fast heating. Electrical components: internationally renowned brands (Keyence, Siemens, Schneider), to ensure the stability of the machine, low maintenance rate.Read More
  • Automatic Non-stop Roll Changer

    Automatic Non-stop Roll Changer

    The machine adopts zero-speed automatic paper-feeding method, head-to-head butt-joining paper, double-sided adhesive connection tape, can avoid the problem of lap-on paper to the flexographic resin plate. It is a flexo-printing, inspection, rewinding, continuous machine. The...Read More
  • Non-stop Paper Roll Automatic Changer

    Non-stop Paper Roll Automatic Changer

    1.The unwinding tension adopts closed-loop constant tension control to ensure that the paper exchange force is stable and shock-free. 2. The reel is manually adjusted to ensure the error during the winding, and the lateral alignment of the reloading can be completed. 3. The...Read More