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Maintenance And Repair Of Digital Printing Presses
Aug 17, 2018

1. Equipment environment temperature and humidity control HP Indigo 5500 Digital printing presses have strict environmental requirements, the specific requirements can be divided into two aspects. First, the equipment in the environment requirements, temperature should be controlled for 23~27℃, humidity should be controlled for 40%~60%, and maintain the cleanliness of the production environment.

My company for the HP Indigo 5500 digital printing presses set up a separate operating room, and configured a special air-conditioning, dehumidification and humidification system, ventilation devices, reduce personnel access, close the door.

2. Storage environment control of raw and auxiliary materials It is worth noting that the control of storage environment of raw and auxiliary materials is as important as the control of equipment environment temperature and humidity.

I often see some enterprises will be digital printing presses in a bright and spacious, constant temperature and humidity of the environment, equipment surface spotless, quite neat, and the storage of paper in addition to lighting, there is no temperature and humidity control facilities, some enterprises even heap paper in the aisle or the corner of the room.