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Select The Appropriate Flexo Technology For The Flexo Printing Label
Aug 17, 2018

For film label Printing, highlights of the gradient and fine mesh point of reproduction more attention, so high hardness, high resolution, can carry fine dot printing plate is often welcomed by the printing enterprises. Different inks, plates choose different for different products, in addition to the widely used UV ink, the use of ink in food and medicine and other printing fields are also gradually expanding. and different flexo printing plate, because of different printing characteristics, in different ink system, may have a completely different printing performance. Therefore, printing enterprises in the consideration of FLEXO should first fully understand the customer and their own conditions, and then encounter problems to see the nature of easy to deal with. At the same time, in response to these needs, Flexo plate suppliers have also actively developed a number of flexo plates for different printing needs, in accordance with these materials and the production of different forms of solid photosensitive resin solvent version, wash version, heat-sensitive version, rubber direct engraving plates.