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What Are The Characteristics Of Flexo Printing Machine?
Aug 17, 2018

(1) technology.

Printing is the use of various boards and other methods, text, artwork or carrier information, with the help of ink color, a large number of transfer to the surface of paper or other substrates, reproduction of text or image information process technology. Printing is mechanical, electronic, optical, chemical materials, computer technology, publishing, printing process, such as multidisciplinary integrated technology. Printing process from a variety of processes, such as layout, printing, printing, binding and so on, with very technical, there are many processes.

Today's printing is different from the old, original requirements, plus the existing plate, substrate, ink and printing presses, can form different printing process. 

(2) universality. 

Printing industry is an indispensable part of the national economy, in today's society, print has permeated all aspects of social activities and life.Without the printing industry, the existence of social and human life is unthinkable. 

(3) particularity. 

As the main means of human information dissemination, printing needs to serve and serve the human society.