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What Are The Three Basic Types Of Flexo Printing Machines?
Aug 17, 2018

1. Cascade Flexo Printing Machine

Compact structure, small footprint, low cost, simple and reverse printing; its defect is transmission clutter, gear gap point, color group combination is difficult, overprinter density is poor, online difficult, can only be used for general print and demand is printed on the reverse side of the print.

2. The satellite type Flexo printing machine In the common use of the printer pressure cylinder end color printing registration, because the printing materials close to the pressure cylinder, data tension changes small, boring data deformation small, machine structure is compact, the paper line is short, so it is particularly suitable for wide and tension control more difficult thin-type data printing, overprinter density higher than the first two types; its defect is the higher the cost of machine, The number of color groups by the central pressure cylinder scale constraints, the various sets of points of view, increasing the difficulty of the color group; the second is that the printed manufacturing process online more difficult. Three is to be expected to pass the printing press once, only the end of single-sided printing. Although the direction of the roller can be printed on the other side, but because the material belt for the road too long, its tensile deformation increased and unbalanced evenly, the completion of double-sided printing picture set is not simple. Four is the interval between the printing unit is too short, the ink dry bad scratch dirty.

3. Unit type Flexo printing machine Printing unit structure Common, transmission is simple and reliable, operation and protection is brief, the custom surface is broad, the color group combination is quick, the printing manufacturing process on-line simple, the overprinter density is high, suitable for the short edition live printing, passes through the guide roll to change the material belt the running road, can complete the printing double-sided Its defect is a large area, the length of the paper line.